Who would have thought? Sleep Apnea Symptoms!




Who would have thought?  4 Common Sleep Apnea Symptoms (with many more showing.)

Having been in the world of dental sleep treatment and home sleep testing I always get asked “How do you know if someone has sleep apnea?”

Do you have sleep apnea or OSA?  Our research shows that up to 1 out of every 3 people has it and up to 90% of them don’t know they do have it.

The problem is nobody knows for sure who has sleep apnea and who doesn’t without getting a sleep test.  Well below I have written out 10 different symptoms that will help you know if  you are at-risk for sleep apnea and I have included some stories that might hit close to home for you or someone you know.

Here are sleep apnea symptoms…

Below you can read through different symptoms that are directly connected to sleep apnea and you can ask yourself.

1. Has anyone ever told you that you snore?  Snoring definitely puts you at-risk for sleep apnea.  The soft tissue in the back of your throat and your tongue are coming together, just not all the way yet.

I took my kids on a family camp out with their local American Heritage Girls troop and we had so much fun until it was time to go to sleep.  There was tent close by that had a terrible snorer in it.  The next day the snorer felt totally rested and I felt totally tired!  One of the leaders came to me in the morning and said “Rob, I have some clients for you to get sleep tested.”

2. Do you have diabetes?  Diabetics are 65-70% likely to have sleep apnea.  When you stop breathing, as is the case when you have sleep apnea, your body goes into a mode we all know as fight or flight.  When this happens a sequence of things happen that raise your blood sugar levels.  This means if you have diabetes it will most likely get worse and if you don’t have diabetes your chances of getting it sky rocket.

My dad had diabetes and was terrible about controlling his insulin levels.  He also had sleep apnea and my mom would often stay awake beside him making sure he would breathe and shaking him when he would not.  He would never go get treated with a CPAP or a dental mouthpiece and eventually the two together caused him to have a heart attack that took his life recently.

3. Do you get tired during the day?  Daytime tiredness affects an estimated 20% of Americans!  Struggling all night due to sleep apnea can cause day time tiredness and leads to many significant struggles, costs and diseases.

When working with a dentist, he shared a story with me about one of his patients.  He said he had a young 20-24 yr. old young lady come into his practice begging for help.  She was about 120lbs. and very active, but couldn’t get her schoolwork done and in fact was struggling to accomplish anything from work to school to play and more.  She had a sleep study done and it showed her day-time tiredness was happening due to her having 45 apneas per hour (she stopped breathing 45 times per hour and each time she stopped it was for a 10 second or longer time period.)  Are you tired during the day?

4. Feeling Obese?  An ATS Journal says Obstructive sleep apnea is a common disorder whose prevalence is linked to an epidemic of obesity in Western society.  With an estimated one third of America being obese we have a major problem on our hands.

Here is a list of other symptoms that put you at risk for sleep apnea:

  1. taking any kind of pain medication
  2. taking 3 medications or more
  3. high blood pressure
  4. teeth grinding
  5. high cholesterol
  6. anxiety
  7. depression
  8. add/adhd
  9. morning headaches
  10. heart burn
  11. history of stroke

If you have or experience any of these sleep apnea symptoms I highly recommend to go get tested for sleep apnea.

Rob Breedlove

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