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Make $15k - $50k Monthly Treating Sleep Apnea

Look at this REAL EOB from One of the Dentists PSG Works With...
Here is What PSG Does for You!
Full time PSG managed In-Office Coordinator
Unlimited Home Sleep Tests
Sleep Physician Rx for patient
Allow you to work w/ all insurances
Many patients w/ med insurance pay nothing
Manage all medical billing
All forms needed to find, test, and treat OSA
Build your sleep referral network locally
Continually tracking patients
Continually tracking billing

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The best dental sleep program out there… Now completely done for you!
Dental Sleep Therapy has become, virtually overnight, one of the best ROI’s in dentistry today. Now finally, PSG allows your practice to tap into this great revenue stream and receive it’s full potential!
With up to 25% of the population have sleep problems and up to 80% of these are sleep apnea, we can all agree there is a major need for great treatment and care. Now, with PSG your office can treat these patients and create a better life for them.
Still trying to treat sleep apnea patients but falling over
all the typical dental trip points?

See why top dentists all over the country are making the switch to Physician Somni Group or PSG.
See why PSG is being called the disruptor in the sleep industry.

Program Features
Do It
Medical Billing Companies

Manage Sleep Program for Dentist
Full Time In-Office Team Member
Screen ALL Patients for OSA
Face to Face Patient Explanations
Work w/ Virtually All Med. Ins.
Provide Unlimited Home Sleep Tests (HST)
Utilize HST to Minimize Patient Deductible
Follow-up w/ Patient on HST Results
Manage ALL Med. Ins. Billing
Bill for More than just OAT (Office Vst, ect)
Monthly Updates
Continual Patient Ins. Tracking
Handle all Appeals for Denials
Pre-Authorization Everything
Build Your Sleep Network
Work w/ Local Physicians for Referrals
Work w/ DMEs for Referrals
Work w/ Sleep Labs/Centers for Referrals
Multiple OAT Clinical Training Programs
Other Patient Marketing Programs
Dental Sleep Cruises and Other Retreats
Other Med. Ins. Billing Opportunities
Local and National Sleep Study Clubs
Let's now review some of PSG's powerful features...
PSG Runs and Manages Your Sleep
Program for You

Let us take all the weight of the sleep program and put it on our shoulders. This means you don’t have to worry about which patients are getting screened, who has been tested and who has been billed for. PSG does all that and more for you! Oh and by the way, many of your patients won’t pay anything out of pocket for their OAT!

Worried about getting your patients tested for sleep? Don’t, PSG takes care of that!

No matter how many patients need tested in a day/week/month PSG’s HST team has enough tests to cover them all. And when our team needs more we buy them!

Want to increase Ins. Reimbursements to $5,000 per case and More?

Are you seeing the typical $1,800 to the occasional $2,500 or even the rare $2,900 per case? Why not let PSG take you to the next level when it comes to reimbursements? PSG’s billing team averages $5,000 per case and more!

Want to Build Your Sleep Network? PSG does that for you, too!!!

PSG works with local physicians to bring their sleep referrals to you. PSG also works with local DMEs and Sleep Centers and Sleep Labs to help them help their patients by getting them compliant when intolerant or just mild/moderate in OSA.

Charge Insurance More and Your Patients Less!
PSG bills on your behalf in such a manner that allows patients to pay less and insurance to pay more. Many of your patients will pay nothing to get an appliance even when their deductibles are $2,000, $3,000 and even up to $4,000. PSG’s program will increase the amount of patients you treat due to lowered cost to patient and increase your ROI for treating because of higher insurance reimbursement!
A Program for All Types of Dentists
PSG Does It For You!!!
  • PSG’s expert trainers will fly out and come to
    your office to train.
  • PSG will find, train and manage a Sleep Coordinator
    for your practice.
  • PSG will manage and handle all Home Sleep Tests
  • PSG will manage and handle all Physician Rx’s
  • PSG will manage and handle all medical billing
  • PSG will build your sleep network and bring referrals
Let PSG Run and Manage
It For Me

(No Monthly Payments Until You Make $15,000 in Profit)

Do It Yourself!
  • Get Detailed Description of How to Screen
    Your Own Patients Effectively
  • Learn Exactly How to Invite Your Patients to Be Tested (We’ll provide you with a Home Sleep Testing Co. to use.)
  • Learn the Precise Details of Medical Billing (We’ll throw in a Superbill you can use and pricing to start with.)
  • Learn the 4 Best Physicians to Work with When it Comes to Building Your Sleep Network (We’ll even give
    you the script we use.)
Do It Yourself Training Program/Kit

(Detailed Description Following Exactly How PSG Does There Sleep Programs)