Tired Moms, 3 Simple things you can do to help your Snoring Husband (Hint:little to no money required)

Are you a Tired Mom looking for relief from a snoring husband?  In this article I will tell you 3 simple things you can do to help him and you (little to no money required.)


This article is dedicated to all the tired moms out there looking for relief from their husband’s snoring.

Last year I was in a dental practice training the dental team how to recognize the affects of bad sleep and sleep issues.  I had just trained the front office on how to screen all their patients for sleep disorders.

The front desk lady came back and said “Rob, there is a woman in the front and she is tired and angry!”  Not knowing what to expect I quickly stopped what I was doing and went to the front.

The woman at the front desk that she was referring to was standing in the lobby of the dental practice and she looked like she was fuming.  Now, I pride myself on meeting frowns and being able to quickly turn them upside down (or help the person I am talking to turn them upside down) and smile those frowns away, but I must admit I was a little nervous.


To make matters seem worse the front desk lady seemed like she had gotten the whole dental team together as if to say “Watch Rob get his you-know-what handed to him on a platter!” or “I told you all we couldn’t treat sleep issues in our practice, now watch the master get beat down!”

It was a little unnerving, but not insurmountable.  After all, most people are pretty reasonable, maybe:/

I walked right up and said “Hi, I’m Rob and I’m the dental sleep coordinator for the practice.”  I was more of the trainer, but I didn’t want to confuse her.  The first thing she said to me was “I don’t have sleep issues and even if I did why would I need to let my dental practice know them.”  I could tell she was tired and wanted to just get done what she had come to have done.  I proceeded to tell her that the doctors in the practice had seen alot of airway issues and they were concerned about their patient’s health so they were screening everyone.

She said “oh, what can they do to help me or anyone else?”  I said that a dentist can make a mouthpiece to help with someone’s sleep issues and help with airway issues.

Then the coolest thing happened:

Her face changed and she looked relieved.  She told me she didn’t think she had sleep problems except for one- her husband.  Then she asked almost in desperation “Can you help my him?”  I asked her if he was showing some of the signs that are on the sleep assessment form and she told me he was.  We then talked and she told me he was ruining her sleep because he snored so much!



Now we were getting somewhere and I could tell she was gaining what she had lost probably many years before, HOPE!

I tell you this story because this poor tired mother is not alone.  Husbands across the country are snoring more and more (or maybe, we are finally addressing it more and more.)


I want to give you 4 simple things you can do to help your husband and most of them cost nothing.

1. Move to a separate room-

No one usually wants to sleep in a separate bedroom then their spouse, but in a case like this it may be the only thing that is keeping your marriage from completely going to shambles.

2. Earplugs-


This may sound funny, but some mother-in-laws won’t go to bed without their trusty earplugs so that they can hope to get some sort of sleep at night from the grumbling of their husbands.  Believe me, I know some of these mother-in-laws personally 😉

3. Snore guard –


For some of you a snore guard is going to be needed.  I would highly recommend going to your dentist or a dentist for this, but if you have to buy one from Amazon.  This may give you some respite.  Just make sure that when you get one for him you it fits good (this is why I would make sure and have a dentist do it) or else you could really mess with his bite.

(Bear in mind that your snoring husband might have sleep apnea as well.  If he has sleep apnea then he will need more then just a snore guard.  He needs a mouthpiece that will open that airway a lot more so he doesn’t stop breathing.)

Tired Moms, I salute you!  I know you work harder then most men and you get little to no credit for it.  I know that a good night sleep should at the very least be one thing you can look forward to and with your snoring husband by your side this is not even a luxury afforded.

Try these 3 things (maybe all 3 things) and hopefully sleep relief is on its way!

Rob Breedlove

P.S. At the top of the screen you can give us your email in exchange for a sleep study that wouldn’t cost you anything out of your pocket.   Get your husband tested and find out what is going on with his sleep.



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