Question: Do you have trouble falling asleep? Maybe its Insomnia!


Question: Do you have trouble falling asleep? Maybe its Insomnia!

Is this a question you ever thought you would be asking yourself?  The older we get or the more distractions we have the bigger the changes in our lives and especially in our sleep.

My wife..

My wife gets so irritated when we go to sleep at night because I can lay down and then in seconds (not minutes) I am out cold to the world.  She on the other hand lays down and has to relax and then wait and finally she falls asleep (unless we are talking about something she doesn’t want to hear about and then it seems like she is the fastest sleeper known to man:)

Maybe its Insomnia!

What the heck is Insomnia?  If you are like I was 5 years ago I had heard insomnia and basically knew it had something to do with bad sleeping, but really I didn’t know what it was.  Let me explain.

Insomnia is when you have a really hard time falling asleep and/or you have a hard time staying asleep.  Not only that because you had so little sleep or so poor of quality of sleep you feel super tired when you wake up.  Is this you?  Do you struggle falling asleep?  Do you struggle staying asleep once you do finally get to sleep?

Ages affected…

Insomnia can hit any age group, but you are most likely to see it in people ages 18 and older and once you pass 40 it really starts to hit hard to that age group.  According to estimates I have reviewed it seems that over 3 million people have it (diagnosed.)  However, I am quite confident that number is much higher due to lack of diagnosis.

What do I do if I have it?

Interesting thing with Insomnia is that once you have it there isn’t any real step by step treatment to get rid of it.  The treatments usually consist of changing your sleep habits or ridding your life of as much stress as possible.  I actually can attest to this.  Sometimes I will find myself awake at 3:00 a.m. and more often then not it is when I have unnecessary stress in my life.  You can also get therapy for insomnia.  I saw sleeping pills mentioned, but you definitely would need to take those under the direction of your qualified doctor if that is the route you end up taking.

Now what?

If insomnia is tormenting you I would suggest you find out if that is what it really is or if it is something else like sleep apnea.  Then I would get direction to treat it and I would do all in my power to make sure my life was stress free and my sleep was as uninhibited as possible.

What if it isn’t Insomnia, but sleep apnea instead?

Get a sleep test (contact us and you can get a free one) and find out and then get a diagnosis.   If it isn’t insomnia, but instead it is sleep apnea then the treatment is much different.  No matter what it is, there are options for help!

Rob Breedlove

P.S. Hi I’m Rob.  Want a FREE sleep test done in your home?  I work with local dentists who can get you one even if you don’t have insurance. Contact me at robconsulting@gmail.com, @robblov, google.com/+RobBreedlove, or on Linkedin.com/in/RobBreedlove.


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