Is SNORING ruining your marriage? (5 ways to stop the SNORE)


April 4th, 2016 by Rob Breedlove

Is snoring ruining your marriage?

After just listening to the leadership in the church I belong to this weekend it seems that there are many things that can wreck a marriage.  One thing that was not discussed due to the lack of it being a religious problem was SNORING!

Did you know that up to 45% of all adults snore?  I know kids do too, but for time’s sake we are just going to focus on the adults.

Is snoring a big deal in your Bed?

Is it causing one or both of you to have feelings of resentment?


Is SNORING wrecking all that is dear to you?


Do you and your spouse sleep in separate beds?


Did you know that #snoring is in the top 10 for causes for divorce?


There has to be a better way!  In fact, your marriage can be saved and you can finally get back in the same bed as your spouse.

Here are 5 ways to stop the snore!

1. Clear your nose before you go to bed- I don’t know about you, but when I go to bed with a stuffy nose I wake myself up over and over with snoring.  Figure out ways to clear nasal passage.  This may mean you need to rinse your nose out with a saline solution or something of sort.  But go to bed without stuffiness where possible.

2. Bedroom air needs to misty or moist- I don’t know about you, but when I fall asleep on a plane it isn’t for long because the air is so dry.  If you can get a humidifier this will help with this (not on a plane of course.)  But get that air in your bedroom moist and this will help with the snoring reduction.  I looked online and through amazon you can buy a humidifier for $40.  That is pretty inexpensive when it comes to keeping that marriage together.

3. Sleep in a different position- This may sound funny, but sleeping on your side may help with the snoring.  Some people this just won’t help, but I didn’t create this post to heal all problems.  I am hoping that just one of the techniques will help you save your marriage.  If you sleep on your stomach try your side and vice versa.  When I have snoring issues (lets face it most of us do and I just happen to be willing to admit it) I find I can eliminate them all together when I lay on my side.

4. No Alcohol- For those of you who like to drink please know that alcohol reduces the resting tones of the muscles in the back of your throat.  In fact, drinking within 4-5 hours before you go to sleep will even cause those who don’t normally snore to start snoring!  Stay away from THE DRINK before bedtime and this could be your meal ticket to getting back in bed with your spouse.

5. Stay well hydrated- Remember my airplane story?  This is part of the problem when I fly is I get dehydrated.  When you or I don’t get enough liquid secretions in our nose and throat become stickier and this can cause major snoring problems.  Want to know what is healthy for amounts of liquid?  According to the Institute of Medicine women should have at least 11 cups of water per day to stay well hydrated.  Men, you should be having at least 16 cups of water per day!  Start drinking- but make sure it is only water!

Do you feel like you have tried all these things and still are not getting help with your snoring?  We can help!  Our team works with dentists all over the country to bring people solutions for better sleep, better health!  In fact, our dentists even provide free sleep screening and in some cases free sleep testing to find out what exactly is going on.  Reach out to us on info@psg-ca.com and we will get you to help!

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