Dentists, I have PPO Sleep Apnea Leads. Do you want them?

Finally a PPO Sleep Apnea lead source that doesn’t cost you $75,000-$150,000 to get.

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Are you a dentist that treats #OSA with an oral appliance or mandibular advancement device looking for a good steady stream of PPO patient referrals?

Are you a dentist that has been wanting to treat OSA with an oral appliance, but haven’t figured out how to get a steady stream of referrals?


CLICK HERE to Get Sleep Apnea Leads!


This is the one complaint, the one desire, the one hope of many dentists who treat sleep apnea that I hear over and over again.

I have provided tips, tricks, helps and even tools in the past (and will continue to provide theses and many more) for dentists and for patients to use to get the best treatment and care for sleep issues.

Today I have more!

I work with a company that will provide 10-20 or more PPO sleep apnea patient leads to your dental office.


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Common Questions for Leads:

  1. How many leads can a dental practice expect a month?

Most dental practices can expect anywhere from 10-20 leads per month.  However, this could increase or decrease depending on where you are located.  If you are in Blanding, UT this might not be the most effective marketing method as you might only get a few if any leads monthly.  If you live in Los Angeles, CA then this could be gang busters for you and you could end up with 30 or more leads per month.

2. Are patients already tested for sleep apnea?

Patients will be scheduled to pick up an at-home sleep test from your practice and then return the test back to your practice as well as meet with the dentist for a sleep study review.

3. Who provides the at-home sleep testing equipment?

The lead co. will provide the equipment, but it will be housed at your office and your team will provide to patients as well as upload results to have for the sleep study review with the dentist.


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4. What is considered a lead?

Each patient entered into the home sleep testing online software is considered a lead no matter what the results (will be cross checked with our scheduling.)  This means if the patient doesn’t have sleep apnea or if they have mild, moderate, or severe apnea- each patient is a lead no matter what.

5. Does each sleep test come with a MD interp, diagnosis, chart notes, etc?

Every patient tested will come with test results that will include a MD interp, their sleep diagnosis, and treatment recommendations (the MD is very good about having mandibular advancement device as the #1 treatment recommendation and is a HUGE fan of them.)


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6. What is the cost for each lead?

Every lead will be a charge of $250 and after the first 30 days there will be a monthly membership fee (as of right now, but that amount could increase.)

7. What is the risk to the dental office and are there any guarantees?

The lead co. is not selling you a sleep referral, but a lead.  This means no matter what when a patient picks up a home sleep test you will be charged $250.  There are no guarantees that any patient will want an oral appliance.  This will be totally up to the dental practice.  (If you feel confident in your practice’s sales skills then this is a no-brainer.)


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8. What if a dentist has multiple practices?

If you have multiple locations then you are more then welcome to get leads at each location for $250 per lead.  However, once the initial 30 days passes you will be charged the monthly fee per location.

9. Is the sleep lead a PPO, HMO, Cash, Medicare or what kind of patient?

For now all patients are PPO only.  The lead co. is currently working on a Medicare program and should have that up and about soon, but for the time being each patient is PPO insurance based.

There are programs available that you pay a large sum to belong to a group that brings you this or that.  Some of these work and many do not.  However, I am very excited to finally see this opportunity out there.  So many practices want to help as many people with sleep issues as they can and this takes them 1 step closer with low barriers to entry and plenty of continual flow.

CLICK HERE to Get Sleep Apnea Leads!

For those of you that want sleep apnea leads this is a great source!

Rob Breedlove

P.S. Hi, I’m Rob and I want to help your dental practice with a sleep program!  My team and I can help you with your medical billing (average $5,000 per case), sleep testing (get every patient tested) and more!  Contact me at rbreedlove@psg-ca.com, @robblov, google.com/+RobBreedlove, linkedin.com/in/RobBreedlove.

Get started today!

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