Crazy SNORROR (Snoring Horror) Stories & Videos! (Let me know your story or send me your video)



Here are some Crazy SNORROR (Snoring Horror) Stories!

Please read and share any stories that you may have experienced with snoring!  Please keep them appropriate, but let us know.  If you send me a good story or video I will put it on here and send out to my followers.

Since I only snore occasionally and my wife, believe it or not, has only snored twice since we were married many years ago, I don’t have my own experiences to share.

I do remember when I was about 15 my parents let one of my father’s friends share in my room with me.  The poor guy didn’t get a good fresh breathe of air all night and kept me awake most of the night.

The biggest problems with snorers (please remember that more than 45% of Americans snore so it is ok to admit it) are that they can be flirting with Sleep Apnea which is a crazy bad disease and they keep others awake besides themselves.  Losing sleep yourself is bad, but causing one or more to lose their sleep is very bad.

First story I found at laugh-lines.net

Tina of the One Tired Working Mommy blog, Teaching/Beauty/Lifestyle/Parenting: “Miraculously I nod off, but then wake with a start. Something is wrong. Crying? Oh, [my son] Casey is crying. I hop out of bed and find Casey running back and forth in the living room doing a sleepwalk version of the potty dance. I grab him because I know he is going to pee any second, but because he is still asleep he can’t find the bathroom. We run to the bathroom and I yank his pajama bottoms down to his ankles and position him in front of the toilet. He all but sighs with relief as he answers the call of nature. For the second time in one night, I take him back to his room. I toss a blanket over him and skip giving him another kiss . . . I go in my room and notice that it is 3:15 a.m.

“ ‘God, when I said I needed sleep I meant more than twenty minutes worth,’ ” I grumble. Apparently one should not grumble at God. He has a way of getting the last laugh. Five minutes later my husband begins to snore, quietly at first, which I try to ignore, but soon the whole room is rumbling with his inhales and exhales. Resisting the urge to smother him with a blanket, I elbow him in the side and he rolls over.

“ ‘God, if you let me fall asleep now, I can still get ninety minutes of real sleep, please. You know, that stuff they call REM. Pretty please!’ ”—Tina Bietler, Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness: Mom Stories from the Trenches.

I know Tina is not alone with her tiredness from children.  In fact, my wife joins those ranks.  However, I know she is definitely not alone with her husband snoring issues.  Women, what do you do with this problem?  I have solutions if you want them.

Second story I found from apartmenttherapy.com

Check for sleep apnea. My current boyfriend was a horrible snorer – turns out it was sleep apnea, and he stopped breathing many times a night. The CPAP has really made a difference. Sounds kind of like a white noise machine and we both sleep better. – Jessimukha

I agree with jessimuhka regarding getting checked for sleep apnea. Especially if you or your SO’s snoring is of the “snore, stop breathing, gasp, and then snore again” kind. Sleep apnea can have a lot of health repercussions… weight, blood pressure, even reducing life expectancy. Most insurance companies will pay for a sleep study if your doctor orders it. Oh, and yes, the snoring will actually stop entirely if it’s due to sleep apnea and it is treated. – greenish

I’m pretty sure all snoring is not related to sleep apnea, but if you or someone you know snores I definitely would get checked or have them get checked for it.  You could save a life.

Third is a video I found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D53Pw2Y_fU4-

Watch out!  This is a mom scaring her child with her snoring and YES women we know you have snoring issues as well.

Lastly since snoring is not relegated to adults I wanted to share probably the scariest snoring video of them all.  This one hits home for sure in many households that have children.

Fourth is a snoring/sleep apnea child I found on Youtube-

What is your snoring story?  Share and let us know.




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